Pasture-raised Poultry

Whole fresh chickens are available from about July through October. Please contact me to get on the waiting list. I raise a limited number of chickens.


I have a cabinet-size incubator where I now breed and hatch out my own baby chicks. The breeds are some combination of mostly large fowl chickens such as New Hampshire, Buckeye and Barred Rock. The males are processed at about four months of age and weigh around four pounds. You may have heard of the Slow Food movement. These are known as Slow Chickens.  By comparison, the grocery store Cornish Cross chickens are processed at only six to nine weeks.

The chickens are moved around the pasture where they can enjoy the sunshine and eat grass and bugs. This gives the meat lots of flavor and better nutrition.  They are fed a certified organic and soy-free feed from Scratch and Peck Feeds.  Be sure to save the gelatin-rich pan juices and you can also make soup out of the bones after you have picked the meat off.

Stewing hens may also be available once the laying hens are not producing eggs. They have intense flavor and make delicious soups and other dishes.  I usually put the whole chicken in the crockpot, cover with water and cook until the meat falls off the bone.  The meat can be used in soup or saved for salads, enchiladas, pot pies and other dishes.  Homemade Pho is superb!

  • Where to buy

    Come on by the farm!

    Delivery to your office or doorstep on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
    to Issaquah, Sahalie, Sammamish, Snoqualmie and surrounding areas. Please call to be added to the route.

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